At Intermark, our seasoned researchers leverage cutting-edge search techniques to deliver precise and substantiated insights into trademark usage or non-usage.

We specialize in offering meticulous 'Trademark Usage Status Investigations,' ensuring accuracy in revealing the factual usage or non-usage of trademarks. This service is particularly valuable for preparing against cancellation trials due to trademark non-use. Moreover, in cases of suspected trademark infringement, improper or unauthorized use (as per Articles 25, 37, 51, 53 of the Trademark Law, and Article 2, Paragraph 1, Items 1 to 3 of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act), we conduct thorough on-site verification investigations.

While generic internet research or publicly available information may fall short, our team of researchers equipped with advanced search techniques delivers precise and evidence-backed insights. Trust us to clarify the complexities surrounding trademark usage, safeguarding your brand with confidence.

The Strengths of InterMark's Word Trademark Search

  • POINT 01Thorough In-Use Searches Beyond Desk Research
  • POINT 02Effective Interviewing Techniques Without Raising Suspicions
  • POINT 03Swift Service Delivery at Reasonable Prices

The Need for Trademark Usage Investigations

According to data from the Patent Office, the average annual number of cancellation trials due to trademark non-use over the past 5 years stands at 1,596 cases, with approximately 82% resulting in successful claims. However, 200 claims were dismissed.

Even in cases where client-side searches failed to confirm usage, our searches revealed usage in a significant 43% of cases.

At our firm, experienced researchers well-versed in intellectual property laws utilize various methods, including interviews and in-use searches, to uncover the reality of trademark usage or non-usage. With a proven track record of handling numerous trademark non-use searches, outsourcing the time-consuming task of confirming trademark usage/non-usage allows for more efficient workflow management.

Trademark Non-Use Cancellation Trial

Search scope and Search Fee

We provide highly accurate trademark use status searches aimed at uncovering the reality of trademark use or non-use, in preparation for trademark non-use cancellation trials, transfers, license negotiations, and other related matters.

We offer comprehensive on-site investigations tailored to uncover trademark infringement acts (Articles 25 and 37), improper trademark use by rights holders (Article 51), licensee misconduct, and the distribution of substandard products (Article 53), all crucial for effective trademark management.

Our services go beyond mere reporting. We provide detailed photographic evidence, capturing the local context to support trademark infringement claims. Additionally, we facilitate the purchase of infringing products as needed.

Beyond our standard offerings, we can customize investigations to meet your specific requirements. Whether you require additional detailed searches post-delivery or a change in approach, we're open to discussion.

Our services include:

  • Background checks on infringers
  • Market surveillance for intellectual property infringements
  • Procurement services for infringing products
  • On-site visitations for thorough investigations

We are committed to addressing a broad spectrum of investigative needs efficiently.

In-use Search

Search Fee:
Pre-Search: Free
Domestic Search: ¥70,000 to ¥80,000 (for trademarks filed domestically with a known Japanese base)
International Search: ¥90,000 to ¥120,000* (for trademarks filed domestically with an unknown Japanese base)
  • *Please note that costs may vary depending on the specifics of the case.
Delivery Time: 12 business days
For expedited delivery options, please feel free to inquire
  • Alongside internet search investigations, we conduct hearing surveys (including undercover investigations) to gather insights from consumers or stakeholders.
  • If deemed necessary during the investigation process, we also engage in hearing surveys or similar activities involving related group companies.
  • Please note that obtaining complete understanding, especially concerning regular users, may be challenging due to the potential for explicit or implicit consent.

How to make a request / Search flow

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    Report Delivery
Feel free to reach out with your inquiry. Submit your request details through our inquiry form, and we'll provide a quote tailored to your investigation needs. Following that, communication will continue via email. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us through the inquiry form. We're here to help!
Pre-Search to Reporting:
Upon receiving your inquiry, we initiate a complimentary pre-search to assess the scope of search. Following this, we will email you a cost estimate and delivery timeline for your review. If you decide to proceed with the request, please place your order via email.


  • [Case 01]
    Our client was concerned whether their trademark was infringed by some Japanese confectionery maker. We conducted a field survey and found out that they displayed a sign of our client’s similar trademark.
  • [Case 02]
    The owner of the trademark was individual and his whereabouts were unknown. Our search found his address and found out T-shirts that have the trademark printed had been sold at a surf shop in Kanagawa and we obtained the T-shirt.
  • [Case 03]
    The owner was a food company in Ibaraki and our search found that there were no sales activities and the company was, in effect, bankrupt and the trademark had not been used.
  • [Case 04]
    The owner was an automobile parts maker. Our search found out that they did not sell any marked parts, but there was a company with the same name as the trademark in the group companies and the trademark had been used in their invoices or transaction documents.
  • [Case 05]
    The owner was a domestic car maker and we found that the trademark had been used as a part of an automobile emblem that have already been sold.

Our team of highly skilled investigators is dedicated to supporting your efforts in trademarks and intellectual property. Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation.




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