We resolve all 'trademark risks' with full force.

We support from both expert investigators and our proprietary system for investigations.

The trademark search system 'InterMark'

The go-to system for trademark professionals
An easy-to-use system that simplifies decision-making by scoring similar trademarks.

  • [01]

    Our search results are noise-free, ensuring the acquisition of essential information.

    By scoring the evaluation of TN search results through a matrix and creating a 'revised TN table' by trademark practitioners specialized in patent law, we reliably detect all necessary information without missing any, significantly reducing unnecessary noise.

  • [02]

    High-speed search for a significant increase in work efficiency

    The industry's fastest search speed, with immediate results, enables you to quantify the degree of similarity using the TN method and quickly display a list of reasons for rejection of expired data, which J-PlatPat cannot search, to significantly reduce the time required to conduct a search.

  • [03]

    Simple operation for ease of use

    The simple interface makes the system easy to use without the need for a manual. The search engine is easy to use, with easy-to-understand search engine results and easy to use.

About Trademark Search System 'InterMark'

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